Zoológico El Eden
Zoológico El Eden
Zoológico El Eden
Zoológico El Eden
Zoológico El Eden
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Zoorefugio Wildlife EDEN opened in February 2010 after 3 years of construction, was created by the need to form a site hosting species of wildlife to support the contingency plan Ecozoologico San Martin de Baños that has undergone constant Tungurahua volcano alerts, but in view of the increasing traffic activity fauna of the area and its need for recovery purposes zoos decided to give this center.




The main objective is to ensure the recovery and welfare of the species of Ecuadorian fauna that are the product of confiscation and surrender into custody by the Ministry of Environment, providing specimens comprehensive care in medical, biological and nutritional aspects.


Zoo fundamental pillars of refuge are: Protection, Education, Conservation, Research, Exhibition and Reproduction.




The mission of ZOO WILDLIFE REFUGE EDEN is to promote the conservation of nature through recreational, educational and research activities thus achieving the public who use our services, obtain greater family integration and awareness to The environmental protection.


SERVICES: Our programs Exhibition, Education and Conservation are aimed at children and adults of all ages, as well as the Zoorefugio Wildlife Eden offers the possibility to students of universities, colleges and organizations to conduct their internships, research or Volunteering in different specialties related to the zoo.


We have guided tours auto, educational lectures, conferences.


EXISTING COLLECTION OF FAUNA, birds, mammals, reptiles and birds EXOTIC


BIRDS: GALLLINAZO KING, guans, Paujil PAVA NOCTURNA, trumpeters, RED LICK, LICK BLUE AND YELLOW, RED WINGS MACAW GREEN, parakeets, parrots, toucans, eagles, curiquingues And pacharacas.


MAMMALS: tapirs, ocelots, squirrel monkeys, spider monkeys, CAPUCHIN MONKEYS, MONKEYS NOCTURNOS, agouti, guatines, peccaries COLLAR




EXOTIC BIRDS: emus, black swans, WHITE AND BLUE PEACOCKS, flamingos, geese AFRICANS, budgies, parakeets NINFA, FAISAN CE COLLAR FAISAN VERSICOLOR, FAISAN LADY, golden pheasant, pheasant, silver, MANDARIN DUCK, DUCK CAROLINA, ETC.


Member since August 01, 2016
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  • More than 100 species of animals.

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