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Baños Ecuador

Baños de Agua Santa







Ecuador Tourist Information

complete and updated information about everything.
Informacion Turistica del Ecuador

Turisteando Ecuador born as a project to facilitate the tasks of tourism and trade promotion in Ecuador.
We offer a complete and varied tourist and business directory for ecuadorians and foreign tourists can plan their holiday best, obtaining current and complete information when traveling.
Turisteando Ecuador, tourist information a click away...

Our Selection

tourist and commercial local.

Swiss Bistro Cumandá

In the parish of Cumandá, located on the road between Baños-Puyo and Mera Black River Pastaza River crossing, we invite you to enjoy our cuisine in a lovely place with gardens of rest, rivers, lakes and protected forests.

- Cheese fondue

- Meat Fondue

- Delicious loins

- Swiss and European specialties

- Many chocolate


Attention weekends from 12h00 to 18h00.

Finca de la Vaca - Parroquia de Cumandá Tungurahua / Puyo, EC

Eduardo's Ecología & Aventura

Eduardo's Ecologia & Aventura was founded on December 15 in1999, in the small town of Banos Ecuador. What started as a small idea and passion has become a training center and fun icon City Baños de Agua Santa.

Eduardo's Ecologia & Aventura, has focused much on fun, relaxation and health care of people. For this reason it offers swimming pools with heated water and hot water, Sauna, Turkish,Whirlpoo and a Polar pool.

We also offer a natural trails where you can enjoy the wonderful nature and observe a variety of birds, fish, dinosaurs, a small plane and the Tungurahua volcano, all complemented with a beautiful view of the church and the city center of Banos de Agua Santa.

Eduardo's also offer to  you and your family, two gyms one for cardiovascular activities and weight room, where you can make physical activity, more over  we have a synthetic grass court cover.

Everything you need to relax in our lovely city of Baños de Agua Santa.

"Our passion is to take care of your heart"

12 de Noviembre y Velasco Ibarra Tungurahua / Baños de Agua Santa, EC


Speaking of quality tourist transport service, the company Ambaturismo C.A. refers to the ability to meet and exceed expectations regarding customer service; it is not only satisfied but that in turn can feel happy pleasant journey that has taken place; all this because of the quality management appropriate to the new needs and global trends.

Ví­a Baños Ambato, Sector Pititg Tungurahua / Baños de Agua Santa, EC
+593 032 740 843

Geo Tours

Why Geotours?

SECURITY: We are crazy, but we're not stupid!

Our safety standards for all activities are above and beyond the requirements demanded by the industry.

All tours are conducted under the supervision of fully certified bilingual guides.

EXPERIENCE: With more 20 years on the market, all guides Geotours bring years of knowledge and experience your adventure, as well as maintaining a positive and friendly attitude, qiue makes you feel at home in any environment.

CHOICE: Offering a wide variety of activities. Geotours is available every day, with activities for half day and full day as well as custom packages.

Ambato y Thomas Halflants junto al Banco de Pichincha Tungurahua / Baños de Agua Santa, EC

Chebas Tour

The first lines of the hymn of our city says "the Lord ... to form stars, escaped from his divine hands a piece of heaven ... and was Baños!,

For its warm climate, breathtaking drops waters, thermal springs from the bowels of the Tungurahua volcano, rivers and mountains that protect it make Baños, one of the main tourist attractions of our country. As a foreigner impossible to Ecuador and not visiting Baños, as Ecuador should be on the agenda for a weekend or a holiday.

The activities carried out in this piece of heaven are varied, large and small, for skilled and unskilled, whatever sport you make will put hair on end experiencing the adrenaline that these sports produced, leaving aside the stress of daily living.

Come and enjoy with CHEBASTOUR TOUR OPERATOR natural beauty that the Creator has put into this place, with your family, friends or siblings is part of the adventure, relaxation and fun Baños offer.

Calle Ambato y Thomas Halflants, frente a Cruz Roja (Oficina 1) / Calle Espejo y Thomas Halflants (Esquina) Oficina 2 Tungurahua / Baños de Agua Santa, EC
032 743 450 (Oficina principal) / 032 742 508 (Oficina 2)

Saiko Teppanyaki

Welcome to the world "Saiko"

Allow your senses to experience new sensations in a space where the flavors are combined with a special touch of the chef.

A perfect blend of vegetable seafood, meats and fresh, accompanied by fine wines and exotic desserts prepared warm cun.

All this will take you to discover the meaning of good food.

Come and visit us in the city of Puyo in the Pastaza province.

Cotopaxi y 20 de Julio Pastaza / Puyo, EC

Bnb Soho Baños

We offer a relaxed atmosphere in the city of Baños de Agua Santa.

Our rooms are brand new and furnished to offer a unique experience to high end customers.

Our service is offered to foreign tourist, as well  as people from all walks of life.

Our service includes breakfast, (lunch and dinner), can be served upon request.

Please join us.

Urbanización privada Los Pinos, pasaje Juan Fierro y Avenida Oriente. Tungurahua / Baños de Agua Santa, EC

Hosteria La Casa de Papa

In our lodge we like to bring about a different atmosphere, WE the outskirts of the city of Baños de Agua Santa , free from noise and with a privileged view of the city.

La Posada is new and provides hosting services , international à la carte restaurant , WE HAVE sauna , steam and whirlpool , our customers can have fun on our soccer field, or on the veranda in the morning APPRECIATE the Tungurahua volcano .
Our clients can make use of all our facilities to stay with us in the mornings offer a breakfast included with hosting .
An excellent place to unwind amidst nature, in with comfortable rooms with TV and private bath with hot water , wi - fi , swimming pool , playground , gazebo UN incredible , sauna, Turkish.
Come with us and likes Hostería y Restaurant La Casa Papá  .
Barrio Pititig, Calle Higueron 168, Baños de Agua Santa Tungurahua / Baños de Agua Santa, EC

Fuente de Soda el Mirador

We have the honor to provide our customers the authentic dump truck ceviches.

We have experience and quality in all our products in a convenient and comfortable place where our customers can enjoy conpañia of family and friends.

Authentic Ceviche Volquetero of Ecuador

Calle Loja y Tungurahua, Sector el Obrero, entrada al Pigual Pastaza / Puyo, EC

Agua Santa Spa

Cecilia Toscano is a professional masseuse who combines unique techniques for a harmonious well-being of body, mind and spirit.


In "Agua Santa SPA" you may have a treatment according to the need healing of your body in terms of muscle aches, stress, fala of inner harmony, which can be alleviated with massage therapy combined with various techniques such as reflexology, cleansing, harmonizing, energizing, digit puncture, relaxing acupuncture, bamboo and detoxification therapy.

In addition you can facials, healing or sports massage, manicure and pedicure done.

When you come to "Baños de Agua Santa" take care Cecilia achieve well-being of body, improve your health and achieve inner harmony.

Our main services Shamanic clean, Energy and cure of feelings.


Professional Massage

Holy Water Spa

Luis A. Martinez and November 12

(Opposite Hostal Planas and White)


Holy water baths

Tungurahua - Ecuador



Every day from 09:00 to 21:00

Please confirm your appointment to Cell 099 867 4913

Luis A. Martinez y 12 de Noviembre Tungurahua / Baños de Agua Santa, EC
099 867 4913

Adventure River Amazonas

We are a travel agency in Tena, Napo province, created by a native guide Kichwa of the Amazon: Stuart Tamayo, known as "bird" and the French Emmanuelle Mory, with many years of experience in the world of tourism in the Amazon and Ecuador.

East specialists offer rafting tour, waterfalls, forests, lagoons, Waorani territory with native guides, naturalist and IRF (International Rafting Federation) with all the security and good service by Napo and Orellana.

Confíanos and forget all the details are our priority. Our guides are optimistic, patient and very professional that allow them to fully enjoy their feelings, excursions, stays and their jungle adventure environments that are very special ... So you want to repeat

Francisco de Orellana 280 y 9 de Octubre, Junto a la Cruz Roja Napo / Tena, EC
062 888 648

Soy Chevere - Comida Latina

"Chévere Comida Latina" The excitement and all the flavor of Latin America in a corner of Baños de Agua Santa, with a twist, with traditional flavors and plenty of color is the proposed Food Chévere Latinas.

Francisco Proaño, passionate about cooking with 8 years of experience, born in Ambato - Ecuador but identified with the flag of the world. His culinary preparation was in Rosario - Argentina, where it is more professional as Restaurateur. At 27 years back to Ecuador after traveling through Latin America where love of Latin cuisine and comes to Baños de Agua Santa to build your dream "Chévere Comida Latina", in order to spread their original twist flavors of this wonderful land America.

Ambato 800 y Maldonado Esquina Tungurahua / Baños de Agua Santa, EC

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